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Plus Size Fashion in Britain.

to me if you are over a size UK 18, it becomes soo much harder to find decent fitting and actually accurate clothing apart from at Evans.

Places such as New Look and Matalan, who have introduced plus size ranges, aren’t really looking at the typical customer of their ranges such as Inspire or Rogers and Roger.

This is how crazily wrong it is. I am a size UK 18-20, and in the Inspire range i sometimes need up to a size 24, and the same in Rogers and Rogers.

That CAN’T be accurate. Kind of seems like a lack of interest or care into those products. And that saddens me. 

I want to be fashionable, and wear clothes that make me feel young, and like I care what I put on my body instead of wearing baggy jumpers and jeans.

I know i’m lucky as most high street retailers stock up to a size 18, which normally fit me. But for those who aren’t I’m sorry, and I hope it changes soon. 

3 years ago

June 11, 2011

I hate this…


SO obviously I was searching for beth ditto and I came across this website… Just scroll down the page a little and look at the comments. 

This makes me mad, it doesn’t make me sympathise with these women but think what do they want. I get it I’m a big girl too and I can’t stand wearing tight clothes where you can see my tummy… But geez what do some of these women want. Just cos she is bringing a range into evans doesn’t mean you have to wear it. Now I think it’s amazing what she has done for evans and you know what, the women that came in and tried on her clothes loved them. And the range was amazing. It was a little daring but not so much so that you couldn’t wear it on a daily basis, and it was perfect for bigger ladies! 

Eurgh it just makes me mad that these women are the ones that will be complaining about having no style in what they wear, and they will be the ones that won’t let you help them change it. It just makes me so mad that they then slag beth ditto off for being a little adventurous even though she is big. She wears it cos she doesn’t care what people like you think.. She wears it cos she wants to… Why is there this need to bitch about her and call her a ‘obsese tranny dressed as a geisha.’ THAT is just awful. aghhhh i can’t even finish this… This is just wrong. 

3 years ago

March 3, 2011